Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Few Simple Rules

I have a few simple, self-imposed rules. Moreover, there are acute, experiential, and practical reason for those rules.

Example: Always wear high-tops when skating decent sized mini ramps.    

The Practical Reason: When you bail skating transition, something happens that does not happen while skating street. The board rolls down the transition. As fate would have it, the board usually makes a bee-line for some exposed part of your body. The ankle bone and Achilles are prime targets. Sometime ago, I started wearing hi-top shoes (Vans Sk8-Hi) when skating transition for this exact reason. The extra height of the shoe can provided some protection against the board taking a "shark bite" out of your foot.

I didn't follow the rule today. I had my 1/2 Cabs on. What might be foreseeable under a situation like this? Oh, I know. A DIRECT hit to the center of my Achilles. And of course, the hit was on the foot where I already have Achilles tendonitis, resulting in an extra painful "shark bite." The fact that I wasn't wearing socks didn't help either. An hour later, it's swollen up, and I'm limping all over the place. Did I mention that my high-tops were even in the car, and it's just that I was just too lazy to put them on? #lifechoices

The rules exist for a reason. Maybe next time, I should follow them.


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