Tuesday, March 5, 2019

45 | 45 | 45 Challenge: UPDATE 1

I wanted to kick this off on March 1st, but it snowed. I managed to get over to the ramp on March 3rd.  It’s bern several months since I skated there, and my goal was to just get reacquainted with the ramp. I’ll be honest, it still scares me a bit, especially when I’m not skating it on the regular. So, I was hoping to just get comfortable with some real basic tricks during that session. Well, things went much better than expected. I hit 35 different tricks before I had to leave for work. That gives me about six weeks to get 10 more. I’m pretty confident I can do that.

The caveat is my car died on the way home. Like, really died. Getting over to that ramp will take a much longer trip but on public transportation. I’m not sure how often I’ll now be able to get over there. It also snowed 17” yesterday. So, we have a few complications to deal with. 

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