Saturday, November 13, 2021

Random Updates on Saturday Afternoon

I’ve been posting a lot of reviews on this blog. While I admit they can be helpful to people, it was not something I ever intended to do with this blog. The intention was to keep more towards the daily life-existential-philosophical implications and aspects of skateboarding. It seems I have drifted somewhat from that. I suppose that is as much an existential reality as any.

In any event, here are some random updates from life in mid November 2021.

(1)    My friend Joe got shoot (photos) of Tony Hawk, Bucky, Staab, Rene, and other big hitters in Texas last night. That is so awesome. Here is a pic he took of Hawk and Staab.


(2)    Staab has always been off in his own world. I am glad to see that has not changed with time. That is an inspiration as much as his skating is.

(3)    I am out on injury, again. Happens a lot these days (hi, old age). This time it’s a pulled muscle in my lower back. I did it on November 9th. I landed an (early grab) b/s air on a mini ramp, and when I landed, my back was like, “Ok. You’re done.” A similar thing happened (other side) when landing an Indy nosepick off a bench earlier this year. It appears that a “hard” landing, while bent over, is something that causes this. I wasn’t really warmed up on either of these two days. Now that it happened a second time, I’m starting to learn/see the patterns. The take away is to, (a) make sure I am really warmed up before going too hard, (b) stretch more in daily life, and (c) maybe add some strength training? It’s starting to feel a bit better. I hope top be back on the board in another week or so.

(4)    I’ve been on this weird trip recently—I need to write more about this, actually—at first I thought it was a nostalgia thing (maybe it is??), but now I seem to be viewing more as an experiment in personal archeology. What does that mean? I means I am toying around with what I experience in the present when I do, visit, and rehash some of the things I did when I was much younger. I am not trying to relive anything from the past. Rather, I am curious about the present, and what happens when the experience of time and place fold back onto each other, if that makes any sense. Again, I need to write more about this.

(5)    My 1980s Instagram account now has almost 18K followers. That is insane. I never thought more than 50 people would be interested that feed. Much of what I was talking about in (4) above has been triggered by some photos from that feed. Again, I need to write more about it elsewhere.

(6)    Fall is here. My favorite time of year to skate. It’s been really warm so far (well, climate change and all that), so it hasn’t really felt like a typical “cool” fall. Winter will be here soon enough, so I shouldn’t complain.

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