Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tangible Earthly Belongings, Part I: Essential Gear? A Complete Buyer’s Guide? An Acute Sick Hoarding Problem?

I recently had to move back in with my parents. My mom fell and broke her hip. Dad has been in a wheelchair for years (Polio). They need some help while my mom is recovering. Hopefully I won’t be there too long, but will remain as long as needed.

In any event, I was chatting with a friend about the move, and the skate equipment I was/wasn’t brining to my parents’ house. He suggested a “What’s in Your Bag” blog post about the essential gear I was taking with me. Similarly, a common trend in camping, hiking, outdoorsman, living history, military, etc. circles is the “Loadout” or “Kit” photo. What a Loadout/Kit photo shows is all the vital gear/equipment a person will use on a given event or trip (or just all the gear they own). When getting all my essential skate stuff together for the move, I decided to take a Loadout photo of all the gear, and to follow my friends’ advice with a blog entry. That brings us to this post. What can I say; I’ve got a lot of extra time right now while hanging out with mom.  

After 30+ years of skating, the photo below shows every skate-related item I now view as essential. While I may infrequently use some of this stuff (e.g. snow shovel), all of it has kept me rolling at some point in time. I’d be at a loss if a single item went missing. Every single thing in this photo was obtained for the single purpose of making/allowing skateboarding to happen.

This photo includes only essential stuff directly needed to (1) maintain my board, (2) provide for simple skate spot maintenance, and (3) maintain me (e.g. skate shoes, pads, etc.). Not included is stuff for heavy spot construction/maintenance (e.g. concrete, saws, masonry tools, etc.), non-primary skateboards, collectables, shit I’ve built, etc.

Call it what you want—Essential Gear, A Complete Buyer’s Guide, or a Sick Hoarding Problem. Whatever you call it, this was the first stuff I packed for my move, the stuff I prioritized over everything else—and thus, what is seen in this photo is arguably the tangible Earthly belongings that are more important to me than anything else I own. And Yes. That is a bottle of Ibuprofen. Most important thing in the photo.

A follow-up post will contain commentary on some of these items, and what makes them essential (at least to me).