Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Wise Words from Chris Pulman


"I’ve gotten so much from skating over the years. As an outlet for creativity, a way of creating opportunities unknown to most people outside of our little world, or just the pure joy at the absurdity of a practically bald primate riding on a wheeled plank.

All I ever wanted to do in skating was to contribute in some way. Not so much to leave a mark or have some kind of legacy but more to feel like part of the bigger picture of the progression of this thing. Now, I’ve probably overthought that set of circumstances too many times to count and definitely thought of more trick variations than I ever had the skill or patience to actualize.

The thing is (and it’s the very essence of skateboarding), we all contribute, just by doing it. It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re currently at as long as you’re smiling or feeling fulfilled. Whoever is the ‘best’ is subjective and therefore irrelevant outside of marketing meetings…

Often our favorite skaters are the ones we personally relate to or are inspired by, rather than the ones that are held on a universal pedestal.

Skateboarding is like life itself: there is no ‘proper’ way to do it. You can be technically able through some innate ability or practice. You can be creative by desire or chance. You can surrender your entire identity to it or just roll around once in a while, depending on the priorities you make for yourself. It’s completely open to interpretation.

I look at skateboarding these days and find it heartening that it’s become so diverse in approach and participation. From a point of past privilege, I’m glad I’ve been able to see this all with more continually educated eyes. It’s becoming open for us all to contribute in any way we wish; something I, and skateboarding in general, always thought it was. It genuinely feeling like it’s getting there…

Go get weird and keep on truckin’"

-Chris Pulman
(His original post with this text can be found here)