Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dylan Rieder 1988 - 2016

Dylan Rieder died today. He was 28. Cancer. The news is all over Time, Rolling Stone, People, etc. Ozzy Osbourne even tweeted about. Pro skateboarder, and model.

Commenting on the dead is always an odd situation because, in reality, you are commenting for the living.

I was out skating tonight with some friends. My knee started giving me some problems. I became a bit depressed about this; at the old age of 42, I simply can not skate as much, or as hard, I used to. Despite that, no matter how broke-down the level is, I can go skating tomorrow. Dylan can not. Never take what you have for granted. We are all going to die. Enjoy what is here, now, before it is gone.

Roll forever, Dylan. Roll forever.

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